The dining room

In the morning, you will find a splendid breakfast buffet in the "tavern bar", with warm croissants, homemade cakes, biscuits, fruit juices, yoghurt, cold cuts, hot and cold drinks and much more. You can also savor all these delicacies on the open-air veranda.

The kitchen

In the air-conditioned dining room, every day for lunch and dinner you can enjoy a varied menu of homemade specialties.
Every day at the buffet you will find mixed and seasonal vegetables.

At the table you will be served an appetizer of cooked or au gratin, fried or stuffed vegetables, with delicious focaccia, canap├ęs or small pizzas.
The first and second courses will always be served on the plate accompanied by hot side dishes.
To conclude dessert or fruit.

The kitchen is managed directly by the owners, in every minimum detail, above all typical dishes of the Romagna cuisine but also national dishes.